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January 12
        Monday, dorothy (my wife) and I went back on the South Beach diet.  After loosing 10 pounds last year, over the holidays I gained it all back.  For the most part I have been pretty good. Sometimes it is hard because people bring into the office the best home made cookies, cakes and even a pazza now and then.  Thank God this only happens once in awhile.  I do not have will power if the goodies are stairing me in the face.  But I have dropped 4  pounds this wee, so it is worth it.

Martin Witter
Your local realtor for the Sacramento Valley

January 3
       Well, it is a new year and have you set your new resolution.  I have.  I want to increase my real estate clients by 50% this year.  That is why I put in this blog. To give to my clients an insight into me.  This
Sunday was quiet so I enjoyed a lazy day at home, but Monday the legal holiday, I did not get to finish the Rose Parade until late afternoon.  I am not complaining.  If you need me I will be there for you.  This is only an observation.  The internet is my best tool and one  things that I am in the process of is to get my search rating up in the city of Folsom.  I am rank in the top 5 web sites in Goodgle for Rancho Cordova and I want to get my page rank that high in Folsom.

Martin Witter, 
Your Rancho Cordova and Folsom Realtor

December 30
      This time of the year the real estate market usually slows down, but I have been kept busy.  I have closed two escrows and have two more just opened.  I want to thank each and everyone that reads my blog and uses my web page for their real estate needs.  Although I do help people find homes all over the Sacramento County and surrounding counties, I do my advertising in Citrus Heights, Folsom, Rancho Cordova, Fair Oaks and Elk Grove.  My office in Citrus Heights that is why I advertise in that area but I live in the Rosemont area which is just on the edge of Rancho Cordova along the 50 coridor.

Martin Witter, 
Your Realtor for Rancho Cordova and Folsom

December 29
      I have said through my emails that the market in Sacramento County seem to be leveling off.  The number of homes coming on the market is down compared to the last two or three months.  In my morning searches this morning I found the City of Folsom had only 6 new listings.  In the last two weeks the over all listings for Folsom is down.  That means the prices should be leveling off.  If this is because the holidays or is a representation what is acturally happening in Folsom, only next month will tell.  If you would like to receive a daily update for Folsom or other cities go to "Find a Home" button  on the home page and fill in the cities that you would like to receive new listing.

December 26
      Have you wondered why many people will say Happy Holiday instead of Merry Christmas.  It is my opion, it is not the fear of offending someone but to give them your respect. There are other holidays at this time of the year other then Christmas.  To the individual person their religious holiday is special. Not to mention New Years.  If I was to wish each group a very specail greeting for each of the religious holiday this time of the year, I could not fit them on this page.  So to all my subscribers Happy Holidays.

December 23
      As a realtor, I am always looking for new homes for my clients or even my family.  Well my bird Buddy, a dwarf McCaw, had informed me that he thought his home was too small. So when my wife Dorothy and I were at Sams we spotted this piece of property and thought it was perfect for Buddy.  He now loves his new house with a lot more square footage. 

December 15
       In todays Calif. Association of Realtors newletter they had a report on the market.  I thought you might be interested.  So here it is.
National existing home sales are expected to jump 4.7 percent to 7.10 million units in 2005, which tops last year's record, NAR recently reported in its year-end forecast. The Association also projects new home sales to rise 7.0 percent to 1.29 million units this year.

According to the forecast, the housing market will slow in the year ahead, leveling to a "more normal and balanced market." Despite a decline in sales activity, NAR anticipates the second best housing market on record in 2006. Next year, existing home sales are expected to decrease 3.7 percent to 6.84 million units, while new home sales are projected to fall 4.8 percent to 1.23 million units.

"The slowdown amounts to a tapping of the brakes on a hot market," said NAR Chief Economist David Lereah. "Home sales are coming down from a mountain peak, but they will level-out at a high plateau -- a plateau that is higher than previous peaks in the housing cycle.
December 14
      Well this morning I have to go to the sheriffs office to report that someone got hold of my ATM card number and charge up a bill.  We all have a tendancy to think that everyone is honest that we give our card to but the sheriff's office says to watch the card very closely especially in a restaurant.  The clerks can have a very small scanner that they can scan your card and then they use it or sell it.  My phoney charges all took place in Mexico so they do not have to stay in the US.            This afternoon I will be showing a homes and this Saturday I will be back in Cool CA showing two homes that my client and I viewed last week.  The real estate market seems to have slowed up this week do to the holidays.  If you would like to view any property give me a call.

December 13

        As I have said, last week my wife Dorothy talked me into getting back to my creative side and start a new oil painting.  I scrolled through the many many photos that I have taken and picked a sea scaped that I had photographed last year at Half Moon Bay, just south of San Francisco.  After talking to home buyers and sellers it is nice to take a short break and try to figure out how I am going to make this photo into a painting.  Here is the first step in the process.  Blocking in the undercoating of the painting.  I try to get to the approximate color for each part of the canvas.  Then I will slowing try to increase the shadow and the light areas.  I will post the picture again next week to let you see if there is any improvement.
December 12
     Over this weekend I was pretty busy with my open house.  I had held the open houses both Sat and Sun.  But most people seemed to be on the ski slopes or at the mall shopping for Christmas.  I will not be holding any more until after the Holidays.  This will be me some time to relax and enjoy the holidays.  I can not believe Christmas is almost here.  My web page has my own photos on it now.  What do you think of the new design?  Do you have any suggestions that would make it better?  
December 9
       Well, it is Friday and I just noticed that my bold button is not working.  I guess that means an email to my ISP.  Yesterday I was at escrow helping one of my clients to sign their final papers on their new home.  That is why I am in real estate.  They are so excided and their young boys are still trying to figure out who  gets what bedroom.  Today I will start my day by doing a final walk through for another client in the pocket area.  A final walk through is where you make sure the home seller has completed any requested repair.  Then I will be heading out to Cool CA to show property with some arcreage.  I will be in Elk Grove this weekend doing an open house for my listing that you can view on the home page.

December 8
As I said yesterday my new page is live, otherwise you would not be reading this blog for Martin Witter.  It is not yet in its final format.  I am now having my isp create a costomize page using my photos as part of the content.  Today will be busy for me.  I have two final walk through inspections.  This has to be done before escrows can close. It vaifies that all work that has been requested has been done. One home is in the Pocket Area and the other is a Condo in Rancho Cordova.  If you would like to subscribe to my daily homes for sale list check the home search button then fill in the blanks and the cities that you would like to be kept inform of.

December 7 2005,  
     Well today my new site has gone live.  Now is the time for anyone with suggestion let me know.   This blog was designed to let you know more about me personally.  I know when you go to a web page you wonder if anyone is acturally there.  Be assured I am the person you see on the home page.  I have been blogging on the internet now for almost 4 years with my photography.  Some of you may have already check out my photos at  If not take a look,  I am very proud of my work.  If you want you have my permission to down the images.  They are sized to fit your monitor as wallpaper.  Let me know which ones you like.  Also I can talk about the properties that I have found to show you.  The area that I advertise in is Citrus Heights, Orangevale, Folsom, Rancho Cordova and I live in the Rosemont area.  I keep a close eye on the homes in these area.  My computer key board is due to be replaced so I think I will buy myself a new one for Christmas so I am going to sign off now, but remember if you need any real estate information on homes for sale, give me a call.
Martin Witter